Contact and Mod Form

Contact and Mod Form

Pure Drive Performance LLC

Milliken, CO 80543, US

(970) 227-3602


All services are scheduled. Best way to contact us is via this form or email

You can call also. We do not answer when tuning or under a car, but please leave a voice mail and we will return your call. Email is fastest though. 



Terms and Conditions

· No refunds once the tuning process begins which starts with the base map. 

· You may not copy or republish any images or content without prior written permission from Pure  Drive Performance. You many not reproduce, borrow, share or copy any of Pure Drive  Performance's tunes. Doing so will result in legal action.

· You agree to pay for diagnostics, installs and/or repairs and/or the time over the allotted time at  $100/hr if there are mechanical/electrical issues.


Changing your vehicles parameters in the ecu and modifying your car with aftermarket parts may void warranties. It can also cause damage to the vehicle. Pure Drive Performance will not be held liable for any warranty denial and/or damage to your vehicle. You are agreeing to allow Pure Drive Performance to perform tuning services at your own risk.  In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the tuning services there will not be a refund offered. We will do our best to please our customers within reason by trying to get the tune to their satisfaction.

Exceeding the speed limit and/or racing on public roads is/are illegal and frowned upon by Pure Drive Performance. Do your WOT logging on a race track/off road only.